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Marketing and Sales

The core value of NTE dictates that tobacco should only be marketed to adult smokers. We also believe that adults, who have chosen to smoke, should be able to receive information about what they buy. Therefore, we should be able to communicate responsibly with them about our brands, so that they made informed choices about brands, in accordance with their preference. With this in mind NTE offers five brands: Nyala, Gissila, Elleni, Delight and Nyala Premium, to its diverse clients (consumers).

We also believe in the appropriate taxation of tobacco products and the elimination of illicit trade that encourages smoking due to its low price. NTE has always co-operated with government agencies towards the reduction of contraband trade. We would like to see our market free of illicit trade, which has the potential to undermine progress on market regulation, government revenue collection, tobacco control measures and the sustainability of a legitimate industry.

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This is the corporate website of National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia).

It does not sell, advertise or offer promotions for our products.


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