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Leaf Production

tobaccoleafNational Tobacco enterprise has four tobacco Farms (Robi,Billate,Hawassa and Wolyta Tobacco farms).Robi tobacco farm is located 225Km far from Addis Ababa in the Amhara Region state, The other three tobacco farms (Billate, Hawass and Wolyta) are located in the southern part of Ethiopia in southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional state. Hawassa, Billate and Wolayta tobacco farms are located 275 km, 375 km and 335 km respectively far from the capital (Addis Ababa).

All tobacco farms are producing Virginia Tobacco, but Burley tobacco is produced at Robi and Hawassa tobacco farms. Oriental tobacco is produced at Hawassa and wolyta tobacco farms.

The existing tobacco farms were established to produce tobacco leaf to feed the cigarette factory. The tobacco farms contribute 35-40% of annual consumption of Virginia tobacco for the cigarette factory. The current production of Burley and Oriental tobacco types are adequate for annual consumption of the factory.

From the total annual production of Virginia tobacco leaf – 90% is produced by out-growers through extension. Tobacco farms are providing tobacco seeding technical assistance and pesticides to the out growers free of charge to improve their productivity and quality of tobacco leaf.

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