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Cigarette Production

Part of running a successful business involves keeping up with technology. At NTE we strive to acquire state of the art production technology with integrated on line and off line quality control capability.

Consistent wellbeing of manufacturing machinery is of essential importance for efficiency. Hence at NTE we strive to keep our machinery in working order at all times by maintaining a planed arrangement for proper preventive maintenance and by training our technical staff with current technology and system.

At NTE we believe in creating a more ergonomic workspace to improve our business by choosing the right manufacturing equipment to enhance our workers' productivity.

In general, our operation strategy concerns policies and plans for deploying the enterprises’ productive resources with the aim of supporting long term competitive strategy with regard to:
1.    Price (actually fixed by finance and marketing, but lower bounded by production cost): purchase price, use costs, maintenance costs, upgrade costs, disposal costs etc.
2.    Quality: specification and compliance
3.    Time: productive lead time, information lead time, punctuality
4.    Flexibility: mix, volume,
5.    Stock availability

Broadly speaking, our aim in factory operations is:
•    achieving and sustaining high quality while controlling cost
•    integrating new technologies and control systems into existing processes
•    obtaining, training, and keeping qualified workers and managers
•    working effectively with other functions of the business to accomplish the goals of the Enterprise.

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