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Administration & Human Resource Development

National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) S.C is a profitable and financially strong company that is striving for sustainable growth. The secret for our success is carful identification of our comparative advantages, and harnessing them effectively. NTE considers employees as a valued asset that when used properly could enhance our competitive advantage. NTE gears its Human Resource Management practice to generate strategic capability by ensuring that the organization has skilled, committed and well-motivated employees.

NTE is committed to invest in programs related with talent management, learning and development, safety and health, employee relations, reward, knowledge management, organizational learning, carrier development, performance management and innovation so as to enhance employees’ commitment and engagement.

NTE places great importance on employee relation practice through utilizing tools related with employees’ involvement and participation, communications, team working and cooperation, transparency, decentralization, empowerment, flexible bargaining and tripartite relation. These tools play critical roles for improving trust and confidence among employee and between employee and management, which is inspiring for employee’s commitment and engagement.

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