Discussion held on Performance Report

The Management and Employees of NTE made discussion on 31 October 2017 on production and sales performance of the third quarter of 2017. The fourth quarter plan was also presented and discussed. The discussion was held at the training hall and canteen by dividing participants in to two groups.

As per the performance report presented at the meeting, it was planned to produce 153,783 cartons of different brands of cigarettes, but the actual performance was 123,423 cartons which is only 80.3% the original plan. However, compared to the performance of same period of 2016, it is greater by 10, 609 cartons or 9.4%. It was also indicated that the main reason for the underperformance was the old age of production machineries.

Similarly, it was planned to generate 540.5 million birr of revenue from local brands in the third quarter and the actual performance was birr 490.6 million which is 90.8% of the plan. This quarter performance is greater by birr 47.4 million or 10.7% compared to the performance of same period of 2016. In addition, it was planned to generate 31.3 million birr of revenue from imported brands, but the actual performance was 28 million birr which is 89.5% of the plan. Compared to the same period of 2016, this quarter performance is greater by 26.8% or 5.9 million birr. Totally, it was planned to generate birr 571.8 million of revenue from both local and imported brands and the actual performance was birr 518.5 million which is 90.7% of the plan. This shows that the actual performance of this quarter is greater by 53.3 million or 11.5% compared to the total performance of same period of the year 2016.

In general, it was reported that the third quarter performance of 2-17 is better than the same period performance of the previous year but both production and sales performance was less compared with the plan for the quarter.

Following the presentation of the report, discussion was made on the underlying problems that reduced the performance and on the ways to overcome the problems and improve performance in the fourth quarter.

Following the discussion, the fourth quarter production and sales plan was presented and discussed in detail.

Finally, the management and employees agreed to improve the performance of fourth quarter by exerting utmost efforts for the improvement of both the production and sales performance.

Japan Ambassador made a visit

His Excellency Mr. Shinichi Saida, Japan Ambassador to Ethiopia made a visit to the National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) S.Co. on November 23, 2017. Ambassador Shinichi Saida observed production processes at NTE premises on his visit. The executive management teams presented the overall activities of NTE.

World AIDS day was celebrated

The world AIDSday was celebrated on December 1st, 2017 under the theme “My health, my right”. This year’s World AIDS day was celebrated globally for the for 30th times and for 29th times at national level. The celebration at National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) S.Co took place in the presence of Management and employees.

During the celebration, participants were briefed on the impact of HIV/AIDS and the current status of the virus. The event was also accompanied by a cultural Bread sharing ceremony which was sliced by MR. Mowat Grant Deputy CEO & COO of NTE.

Following the bread ceremony, Voluntary Consulting and Testing Service was provided by health workers from woreda 10 health center and 210 staffs made blood test voluntarily.

Training was provided

Training was provided to NTE’s technical staffs by Mr. Mustafa OZakin and Mr. Ali son who are both from JTI, Torbali. The training was categorized in to three sections and each has taken 15, 13 and 19 working days respectively. Both theory and practice base training was given in depth and the trainees expressed their appreciation to trainers from JTI during the Certificate award ceremony. The Human Resource Development division disclosed that, fourteen technical personnel’s have participated in the training.

JTI Acquired NTE

The government of Ethiopia has transferred its remaining 30.95% share in National Tobacco International (JTI) with USD 434 million on December 21, 2017 and this raised the JTI share owner to 70.95% of the total number of NTE shares.

JTI has been contributing the NTE’s growth after acquired 40% government share on July 2016 by bringing highly skilled technical personnel’s to NTE to overcome technical problems and enhance transfer of knowledge and skill to local technical staffs.

Besides providing support in cigarette manufacturing centre at Addis Ababa, the senior experts (Agronomists) of JTI are contributing towards improvement of tobacco leaf quality and yield per hectare by providing training to local farm staffs.

This will benefits tobacco out growers by enabling them to obtain huge amount of money from fixed area of land.

Management and employees are delighted in having an opportunity of working with the strong multinational Company, JTI.


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