JTI Staffs made a visit

Six members of JTI staffs visited the tobacco farms of National tobacco enterprise. All the JTI staffs first visited Robi tobacco farm which is the largest farm of NTE and is located at North shoa zone of Amhara region.

The team made an intensive visit and detailed observation of tobacco plantation at farm, green leaf purchase, the curing, sorting & grading process and the storage of cured leaf.

After the completion of visit to Robi farm, two of the team members went to southern region farms and the remaining four of the JTI staffs visited the activities at the head office and the new project site.

The two team members made their detailed observation in almost all processes of Awassa, Bilate, and Wolayita tobacco farms. Exceptionally they visited nursery site at wolayita farm and made the observation on the seedling, the number of labour involved, methods used to water the seedlings etc.

It is expected that the feedback of the team will help to improve the quantity and quality of leaf production with efficient utilization of the resources.

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