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Business Purpose of the Company

The business purposes of the company as stipulated in its Memorandum of Association are :-

1. To grow and process tobacco, and manufacture, import, export, distribute, prepare, sell and purchase tobacco and tobacco products including but not limited to cigars, cigarillos, and pipe and water pipe tobaccos.

2. To produce matches and manufacture paper for the preparation of cigarettes.

3. To carry on any other activities necessary for the successful achievement of the above mentioned purposes of the company.

4. To carry on such activities with the benefit of the rights and privileges granted to the Company by Article 2 and 3 of proclamation No. 181/1999 of 18th November 1999.


To be a cigarettes exporter subsequent to the full satisfaction of the national demand.


To maximize the long term value and interest of our stakeholders through producing, processing, manufacturing, distributing, importing and exporting quality tobacco and tobacco products by means of utilizing contemporary technologies and also using modern leadership style.

About this website

This is the corporate website of National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia).

It does not sell, advertise or offer promotions for our products.


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